the dt’s with Daniel Thomas

DT takes on weekly challenges & sees what comes up. In attempting to change habits, learn new skills, tweak nutrition, dive into new experiences & help sustainability the outcome is often unexpected & the only certainty is potential for growth. Top 50 personal journal podcast Australia.

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Wednesday Oct 20, 2021

DT attempts to plant 4 little bonsai trees in a challenge that proves trickier than expected. He also sets a new challenge which is the opposite to cold plunging. 

Thursday Oct 14, 2021

DT shares what themes arose from attempting to use his left hand only & sets a new challenge to do with a green thumb.

Tuesday Oct 05, 2021

DT attempts an EFT tapping technique which is said to help restore balance to the body's chi. He also distinguishes the different functions between the left & right sides of the brain & sets a challenge accordingly.

Wednesday Sep 22, 2021

Our fight or flight doesn't serve us in certain daily situations. DT attempts to calm his nervous system & sees what comes up. 

Wednesday Sep 08, 2021

The word 'if' can lead to unnecessary fear & regret. DT shares his main take away from  attempting to bring an awareness to how he uses the word in daily life. Check-out dt's other podcast...  

Thursday Sep 02, 2021

DT chats with Dr Amy Novotny about her work helping people calm the fight or flight nervous system to overcome chronic pain, mental trauma, stress, anxiety & sleep deprivation. Through her research & practice, with a focus on breathing patterns & body position, Amy has helped high profile clients & successfully completed over 40 marathons. View the conversation on youtube: PABR Institute: Become a Patreon warrior:  

Thursday Sep 02, 2021

DT attempts to take a little time each day for gratitude & sees what comes up.  

Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

In probably the most important challenge on the show so far DT attempts to take a small part of each day to focus on breathing.  

Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

It's easy to fill a 'to do list' with endless tasks. On this episode by attempting to do a daily 'to do list' DT realises there is also value in a 'to don't list' so he puts one together. He also sets a challenge for this week involving the thing we do 24-7.

Tuesday Aug 10, 2021

Life is too serious to be taken seriously, DT attempts to write a few jokes & is reminded of the importance of 'bombing'. He also sets a very practical challenge for this week.  

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